Our Mission

Stop and Give is a national blood drive campaign to honor anyone affected by motor vehicle tragedies, to build our community blood banks, and to promote awareness about safe driving. Last year, a random act of recklessness led to the death of our first child. We are starting this event to encourage random acts of generosity to help the communities we live in. Giving blood is such a simple way to truly benefit a stranger’s life. By spending about one hour and giving up about a pint of your blood, someone else will benefit. Maybe it will be a child with cancer. Maybe it will be a trauma victim like me. We all have the power for this small and selfless act to have a huge result! This year, Stop and Give Season will be December and January. This is a time where blood donations decrease and need for donors is high- please consider helping our blood banks!  Learn more about our personal story »

Our Goal

Objective 1: To build our community blood banks during a season when blood donations typically decrease 20%.

Why? Giving blood is an easy way to help the lives of others. During the holiday season, blood donations decrease as people get busy. By creating a blood donation campaign that allows local communities to rally around their neighbors, family members, or friends who are grieving after motor vehicle accidents, we will establish a personal reason to get out and donate despite the busy time of year.

Objective 2: To honor the memory of anyone who suffered or died because of reckless driving, and to provide a forum for anyone affected by reckless driving to bring something positive out of their tragedy.

Why? Acknowledging loved ones and sharing stories is a powerful mechanism to cope with grief. Helping others is a hugely renewing and healing act. A large goal of Stop and Give is to offer a positive outlet for people grieving or suffering as a result of horrible driving outcomes.

Objective 3: To promote safe driving.

Why? In 2008, there were 10.2 million automobile accidents and 39,000 deaths. Drunk or impaired driving plays a role in one out of three automobile accidents. With today’s increasing technology, texting and talking on cell phones contributes to distracted drivers. Surveys show distracted driving is increasing despite current public health campaigns. We could list numbers after numbers, but the message is simple: people are making poor driving decisions and the problem is getting worse. Any efforts to increase awareness and promote discussion about the benefits of careful driving will help make our communities safer.

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